Surface sizing agent GHS03


1.Product Introduction:

This product is a self-retaining medium-sized neutral sizing agent synthesized through a special process. Its advantage is that it simplifies the complicated procedures in the sizing process and replaces the dual aid that is inseparable from AKD neutral sizing at home and abroad. Retention (cationic starch and polyacrylamide) or unit retention aid system, thereby greatly improving and improving papermaking performance, sizing effect, paper-forming physical indicators, and comprehensive economic benefits have been significantly improved.



    Appearance: milky white emulsion

    Solid content: 15±1%, 20±1%, 25±1%

    PH value: 3-4

    Ion type: cationic

Storage period: 3 months (0-25℃)


3. Application

This product is suitable for all kinds of cultural paper, board paper, newsprint, fruit bag paper and all kinds of packaging paper that require sizing. It can be used in a wide (PH Value 6-9), the most suitable papermaking conditions are (PH value 7.5-8.5), can use calcium carbonate filler, can replace the traditional rosin glue and AKD neutral sizing.


 4. Dosage:

Dosage: 1-5% of the absolute dry pulp.

The pulp is diluted 5-10 times before use and added to the mixing tank and stirred evenly.

Neutral paper making can increase paper strength, reduce powder and lint, improve printability, increase fiber and filler retention, reduce pulp consumption, reduce costs, and improve the quality of finished paper. Three of the characteristics are remarkable: easy retention: strong retention performance; reducing equipment corrosion and extending the life of the paper machine. All indexes on the surface of finished paper are better than those of traditional neutral sizing.



5.Package and storage:

 200-1000kg plastic drums, and the indoor storage temperature is 5-25℃.

The product is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and is a non-dangerous product. If there is any leakage, rinse it with clean water. Exposure to the sun and frost are strictly prohibited.